All addictions are built on illusions. The illusion of control the illusion of perfectionism, the illusion of objectivity.

Dishonesty and denial are the building blocks of addiction. When we participate in any of these illusions, we are deceiving ourselves, we lose ourselves.

Denial runs rampant at every level of our society, and there is not much support for “truth speakers.”

There is an old saying, “Conscience is a cur that will let you get past it but you cannot keep from barking.”

We are the only ones who can deceive ourselves. We are the only ones who can refuse to knowledge our perceptions and lie to ourselves.


Published by logreenly

Creating MY BEST ME, Letting Go, I am Honestly GENUINE and LOYAL💗 I LUV shopping and trying new QUALITY products and recognizing a bargain when I BUY one!!!

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