My Garden

It’s up to US what we do with Our lives.

Everyone has feelings and memories we must work thru.

None of Us had perfect families, honestly dysfunctional families are the norm.

When we get stuck in our blame, anger, hurt, and Denial we are the ones to suffer. It is up to each one of us to make the best out of rubbish.

If my life resembles a garbage dump it is up to me to sort thru it, turn the soil, and plant flowers and make good use of the natural fertilizer. – Anne Wilson Schaef


Published by logreenly

Creating MY BEST ME, Letting Go, I am Honestly GENUINE and LOYAL💗 I LUV shopping and trying new QUALITY products and recognizing a bargain when I BUY one!!!

3 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. You are inspiring.
    I appreciate all the value.
    I will use it. Not abuse it.

    I love you very much
    I will treat you with respect.
    Your life will improve more.

    I have notifications for your posts. ❤️


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