Friendly Ladies

Do you have a friend that blesses your life frequently? Are you that person for someone else? If you have a mutually beneficial friendship, hold onto it. If you don’t, start being the kind of friend you need, and see what happens.

Voices of LOVE

The Father gives me the people who are mine. Every one of them will come to ME, and I will always accept them.” (John 6:37, ncv).

What voices do I catch myself listening to? There is only one who loves me and his voice is the only voice I should be listening to. God tells US WE are cherished, loved and we have significant value.

Real Communication

“Many of us achieve only the semblance of communicating with others; what we say is often not contingent on what the other has just said, and neither of us is aware that we are not communicating.
– – Desy Safan-Gerald

Open to OUR Spiritual Power

Our spiritual power is enhanced with each blessing we give. And as our spiritual power is enhanced, life’s trials are fewer. Our struggle to accept situations, conditions, and other people, or our struggle to control them, lessens every day that we recognize and revere one another’s individualistic existence.

Choosing Compassion

The Lord is compassionate and gracious, Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness (Psalm 103:8)

God loves his children regardless of their sin, their past, and their failings. We aren’t dealt with as we deserve; rather, according to his great love for us. Can we say the same about how we treat those around us? Are we compassionate, slow to anger, and fill off love? Or are we offended, impatient, and aggravated?


We are full of mistakes, poor choices, our sins are plenty. With God however our acceptance has been promised. There is no credit check, no failing grade, no past default that his death on the cross doesn’t redeem completely. We are covered with his loving jhgforgiveness. We are accepted by God as part of his family and redeemed by his GRACE for his eternal kingdom.

True Happiness

We think we know what will make us happy. It is seldom that we know because we look for happiness out there and expect it to be”gift-wrapped”. We can find happiness in moments when we can get outside ourselves to be fully attentive to the people God puts in OUR LIVES. HAPPINESS FLOWS between us when we open our hearts to give and receive compassion. Let someone in today and give them ur full attention and feel the rush of true happiness.

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