Gratitude for what IS prepares us for the blessings meant for us around the corner. If we are still and close our eyes we can experience the present moment. When we separate from today and wait for tomorrow or next week, or next year, we are stunting our SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Life can only bless us now, ONE BREATHE AT A TIME.


Lessons and Blessings

Our experiences today won’t come around again–in just the same way. The people in our lives won’t say again just what they’ll say today. We shouldn’t miss out on what life offers. We can risk feeling it all, hearing it all, seeing it all.

Prayer & Meditation

Today I will allow my prayer and meditation to direct my efforts today. My purpose can then be fulfilled. Nobody is without a contribution to make, everyone of us is giving what we agree called upon to give when we are in the right relationship with God, who is the master artist in the design we are creating.

Damaged Self~Image

The past that many of US choose to hang on to stands in Our way. Many of Us needlessly spend much of Our lives fighting a poor self-image. Each moment is a new opportunity to let go of all that has trapped me in MY past. I am free.


Pain is inevitable in life. As we grow and recover, we see how much of our suffering is directly related to Our stubbornness and illusion of control. Contrary to belief suffering is not Noble, it is often plain stupid. My pain teaches me about life.

Everyday is a NEW BEGINNING

“Parents can only give good advice out of them or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” –Anne Frank

Parenting is the hardest job u will ever have, but can bring u so much joy, especially the grandchildren in ur future. When u think about the big picture is any of the differences in Our adult children worth losing that relationship? πŸ’—

Re- read… Let that sink inπŸ’žπŸ’žOpen for discussion and trial separation included πŸ’™

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