Faith & Trust in GOD

The scripture says, “Anyone who Trusts in Him will never be put to shame.” Romans10:11



Perfectionism is a side effect of addiction. Trying to be perfect (impossible) we beat ourselves up, judge, and distort ourselves. We are never enough. Trying too hard and not trying at all are two signs of the coin of perfection. Unfortunately it is a coin that never ever pays off…


“It’s our illusions that hang us up.” – – Anne Wilson Schaef

Our addictions lead us into a life of illusion. They feed our illusion of control, our illusion of perfectionism, and our honesty.

Our addictive behavior allows us to deny reality and justify not living OUR life.

One of the significant qualities of being an adult is being able to separate ourselves from illusion and nourish ourselves with reality rather than feed on illusion.

GOD’S Timetable

God’s Timetable is not necessarily Our Timetable. Events will happen as scheduled and for a bigger picture than Our ego will permit.

I will take a long look at where I am today and be grateful for my place. It’s right for me now and is preparing me for my next adventure.

Reaction isn’t ACTION

We must learn to ACT rather than REACT. Change is ours if we want it. Being in charge of our own feelings and our own actions prevents anxiety from overcoming us.

The opportunities to react will be many today. Everytime I pause, determine the action I feel better about and take it. My emotional health gets a booster shot everytime I make a responsible choice.


“Problems are messages”
– – Shaki Gawain

Problems give us the opportunity to learn something. If we don’t get the message the first time around, we get another chance, and another, and another. When we miss out on the learning each time the whack upside the head gets harder.

Obstacles are gifts for learning. We never really know what we have learned until we learn it, or as my hubby says you don’t know until you know! K. I. S. S.

Hear Me

Being heard and hearing another person is more than just listening. It’s letting ourselves be touched, in an intimate way, by another person’s words. We all want to be heard, but listening is a huge part of conversation.

The beauty of hearing each other is that it helps us to hear ourselves. We get to know who we are and want to be as Our complete persona.

Every conversation offers us a chance to be REAL and to help another person be real.


“Surviving meant being born over and over.” – – Erica Jong

….Each day we make a decision to live anew. Each time we call a friend, work a step, or go to a meeting, we renew our contract with life. If you want something good to come out, u must consciously make an effort to put something good in, so we have tools in your tool box for life’s perplexing highs and lows.

Start with a Smile

The attitude we cultivate, whether one of love or selfishness, inferiority or superiority, will determine how the events of our lives affect us. The principle is so simple. If we meet life with love, with a smile, we’ll find love and something to smile about.

My attitude will make this day what it becomes. Meeting it head-on, with love, will assure me of a lovely day.

Make Your Happy Place Happy
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