Ebb and Flow, Acceptance of both

Joy and sorrow are natural rhythms. We are mellowed by their presence when we accept them as necessary to our existence.


My Peeps

Hang out with people who are going places who understand and support the path you’re on, who are your new tribe. If you don’t know any people like this, find some. Figure it out. Go to coaching seminars, find people on social media, take classes, start a self – help book group – – – if you’re serious about it, you will find your people.

Waste Not

The energy we waste lugging around the wet sandbag of guilt and resentment! Truly one of the biggest wastes of time, and yet one of the all-time favorite human activities. The past isn’t going to change anytime soon, and being upset at yourself or someone else for something that is done and gone is like refusing to take out the trash.

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