Patience is one of the most challenging, traits to develop in our modern world. The more technologically advanced we get, the more infuriated we get when we have to wait. At all. For ANYTHING… BEING PATIENT INSTEAD OF HIGH STRUNG AND FREAKED OUT MAKES YOU FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER BECAUSE IT CREATES SPACE FOR YOU TO ENJOY LIFE IN A WAY THAT RUSHING AROUND BLOCKS OUT.


God’s Will

Desiring God’s Will is my most fruitful desire. It’s also what is best for me; thus, what I need.
All things are working for good when I let my higher power determine my desires.

Life is made up of desires that seem big and vital one minute, and little and absurd the next. I guess we get what’s best for us in the end.
                – – Alice Caldwell Rice

Good Day!

I’m so glad you are here! I want everyone to feel comfortable when you arrive on my page! Just always remember daily that God has a plan for everyone of you! You are special, you are unique and you have purpose and are very precious and valuable to the people that love you, and love you unconditionally. Strange and ironic, when we are young we want to be old enough to do adult things and search all our lives for an unconditional love only to realize that all along our parents aren’t the enemies, they have loved us unconditionally all along, and they had our best interests all along! Please realize that you are loved and you matter more than you know to many people! I want everyone to have a splendid Saturday and enjoy and recognize all your blessings!


I have created this site to interact and share positivity and have open discussions about sensitive topics. I am a survivor of emotional, verbal and severe physical abuse! I will post daily affirmations, some quotes and positivity for greater self-esteem.

Hello it’s ME, Lois

Nice to see you again! Please don’t be shy stop back often I will try to keep new material on my siteπŸ’œ

I want this to be a positive, supportive experience. My favorite saying is LIFE is what happens when we are making other plans! Truth be told and more u struggle the harder the knock on the head πŸ™„

From time to time I will recommend products I truly found to worth buying, I will provide my top purchases that I actually find useful in my life for the yearπŸ”

I also have many treasures and slightly used or brand NEW quality products I will be advertising in my own little shop I call “CHLOE’S CORNER”

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