GOD’S Timetable

God’s Timetable is not necessarily Our Timetable. Events will happen as scheduled and for a bigger picture than Our ego will permit. I will take a long look at where I am today and be grateful for my place. It’s right for me now and is preparing me for my next adventure.

Start with a Smile

The attitude we cultivate, whether one of love or selfishness, inferiority or superiority, will determine how the events of our lives affect us. The principle is so simple. If we meet life with love, with a smile, we’ll find love and something to smile about. My attitude will make this day what it becomes. MeetingContinue reading “Start with a Smile”

My Garden

It’s up to US what we do with Our lives. Everyone has feelings and memories we must work thru. None of Us had perfect families, honestly dysfunctional families are the norm. When we get stuck in our blame, anger, hurt, and Denial we are the ones to suffer. It is up to each one ofContinue reading “My Garden”


All addictions are built on illusions. The illusion of control the illusion of perfectionism, the illusion of objectivity. Dishonesty and denial are the building blocks of addiction. When we participate in any of these illusions, we are deceiving ourselves, we lose ourselves. Denial runs rampant at every level of our society, and there is notContinue reading “Illusions”