True Happiness

We think we know what will make us happy. It is seldom that we know because we look for happiness out there and expect it to be”gift-wrapped”. We can find happiness in moments when we can get outside ourselves to be fully attentive to the people God puts in OUR LIVES. HAPPINESS FLOWS between usContinue reading “True Happiness”

Windows and Doors

Barriers, distractions, and obstacles appear to stand in OUR way and frustrate and depress US. The knowledge that we seldom know (You don’t know until you know) and understand what is best for US. We may wonder why a door suddenly closes. Our paths are questioned only when our steps have started off OUR path.Continue reading “Windows and Doors”


Patience is one of the most challenging, traits to develop in our modern world. The more technologically advanced we get, the more infuriated we get when we have to wait. At all. For ANYTHING… BEING PATIENT INSTEAD OF HIGH STRUNG AND FREAKED OUT MAKES YOU FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER BECAUSE IT CREATES SPACE FORContinue reading “Patience”