“It’s our illusions that hang us up.” – – Anne Wilson Schaef Our addictions lead us into a life of illusion. They feed our illusion of control, our illusion of perfectionism, and our honesty. Our addictive behavior allows us to deny reality and justify not living OUR life. One of the significant qualities of beingContinue reading “Illusions”

Hear Me

Being heard and hearing another person is more than just listening. It’s letting ourselves be touched, in an intimate way, by another person’s words. We all want to be heard, but listening is a huge part of conversation. The beauty of hearing each other is that it helps us to hear ourselves. We get toContinue reading “Hear Me”

My Peeps

Hang out with people who are going places who understand and support the path you’re on, who are your new tribe. If you don’t know any people like this, find some. Figure it out. Go to coaching seminars, find people on social media, take classes, start a self – help book group – – –Continue reading “My Peeps”